Korean Grill serving rice bowls, tacos, burritos & grilled cheese quesadillas

with Alberta beef bulgogi, Fraser Valley chili chicken and seasoned bean curds

Our Menu

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Tender Beef: Korean Bulgogi 
Spicy Chicken: Pulled Thigh 
Sweet Tofu: Seasoned Bean Curd
* Tacos  (Cheese, Romaine Heart, Seasoned Radish & Bell Pepper, Spring Mix, House Sauces)
* Burrito  (Cheese, Romaine Heart, Seasoned Radish & Bell Pepper, Spring Mix, Beans, Rice, House Sauces)
* Quesadillas served with Green Salad and Dill Sour Cream  (More Cheese, Pineapple, House Sauces)




We Run for Your Hunger!

Contact us info@discocheetah.com for catering requests!


+1 778 873 3776

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